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August 25, 2013
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Name: Aero Croft
Age/Year/Birthday: 18//December 16th//Senior
Alter-ego species: Dragon Kemonomimi

Air Manipulation: As his name suggests he has the ability to make small gusts of wind. This allows him some short periods of flight. He cannot create fire, however he can adjust the intensity of a flame by controlling the air around it. Think of it in a more of a scientific manner.
Strength: He can lift abnormally heavy objects and carry them for long periods of time without getting exhausted.

Strong in studies?: Yes

Strongest: Physical Education- Due to his abnormal strength he's very agile and is good at exercise/sports.

Weakest subject: History- He cannot retain information about past events very well, and by that I mean he just hates the subject and finds it very boring.

Personality:  Aero is a bit of an air head, literally. He's not too good at expressing what he's feeling unless it's something that deals with being happy. He has a bit of a fake personality when it comes to socializing. He basically mimics what other respond as. If it's something that's supposed to shock him, he'll over exaggerate the noises and expression he makes. He has the happy thing down, but when it comes to showing gratitude (even though he's feeling it) he has a hard time expressing it. He does enjoy helping people though, so that's one of the few joys he's able to express to others.

Background: Aero was sent to Shukuudai Academy as a transfer student from a poor/less than adequate school, as well as his friend Ryun. He got referred to this school for his hard work and for his success in track, and after telling Ryun about his situation they both agreed that they'd transfer together. As he had been offered a transfer to a school with a better education system than the one at his home, he felt it was for the best. After all his friend was going too, so it was all the better. He didn't have to leave anything behind.

Breaking things (Taking things apart and putting things back together)
Helping others (Like taking in their groceries, lifting up a stack of books, etc)
Racing other runners/being given a challenge

Being deemed useless
History Class
Making/Seeing/Hearing People Cry- It makes him feel awkward since he's not all that emotionally adept.

Extras: Ryun is ~Kinexuru's OC.…
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minarui Aug 26, 2013  Student Digital Artist
aaaaa he looks cool `u `  ~ ~
I see he likes racing-- //shoves Lucian// here go run with this foolish king
He was on the track team at his old school, so of course!<3
His hair I want to touch it ;u; It looks so soft
ISN'T IT THOUGH? LOOK AT IT. I got excited just drawing it. uwu //

Aero: -leans down- Wanna pet? Haha
Drawing soft curly fluffy hair is just too much fun haha. And I just can't draw spikey or silk hair

Ruffle: eh.. :iconicantbelieveitplz: -pats-
Usamimi-kun Aug 26, 2013   Digital Artist
He's sooooo cool :iconlazyblush2plz:--and dat body--//smacked
oooo! congrats on getting in! maybe we can rp some time!

:D Yeah of course! Let me know if you need an RP buddy. c:
I can rp anytime! But they may sometimes be late replies ; u ;
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